Bilasa Institute of Nursing Bilaspur

Bilasa Institute of Nursing Bilaspur

Bilasa Institute of Nursing Bilaspur was established in the academic year 2012 and has been formally approved by Government of Chhattisgarh .The College is affiliated to "The PT. D.D.U MEMORIAL HS AND AYUSH UNIVERSITY RAIPUR CHHATISGARH and has been recognized by the Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and by Chhattisgarh nurses registration council , Chhattisgarh. The college is located at Bilapsur Chhattisgarh.

The College of Nursing is roofed under 'The Rawatpura Sarkar Lok Kalyan Trust. The origin of this Premier Institute goes back to the summer of 2013, with the formation of Ravishankar Institute of Nursing as a ‘not for profit’ organization. This was inspired by the missionary zeal of shri Ravishankar ji Maharaj and backed by the commitment of the trustees and members of the Rawatpura Sarkar Lok Kalyan Trust who promoted this registered charitable Trust.

From modest beginnings two decades ago the synergy of proficient educators , prudential management and providential guidance has metamorphosed this nursing college into an organization of excellence that promotes some of the finest modest beginnings two decades ago and a nursing institutions in India, with superlative infrastructure, leading edge technology and accomplished roles and responsibilities.

Our Mission

“It is our commitment to provide the highest standards of Health care to all sections of the society particularly to those who are socially and financially deprived and to train and educate people in the noblest ideals of compassion, concern and sacrifice towards achieving professional excellence in Nursing care, Education, Research and Community Service”.

Our vision

Ravishankar Institute of Nursing trains nurses who will have the potential to deliver quality nursing care to individual, families and communities with across their life span in wide variety of health care settings as well as to assume the role of a teacher, supervisor, manager and researcher in the clinical public health setting. The College aims at preparing graduates to assume responsibility as Professional, Competent Nurses and Midwives in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.

Our Philosophy

We believe that excellence in nursing is exhibited in practice that demonstrates caring, commitment, compassion for the dignity and well-being of all people and adherence to professional and ethical standards. Our faculty believes that nurses need to be trained to analyze, synthesize, apply, and evaluate knowledge from nursing and other disciplines to improve health by providing high quality care. We also believe that nurses generate knowledge by conducting high impact research, engaging with communities, and contributing to changes in standards as the role of the professional nurse evolves.


The College's objective is to educate nursing professionals who have a basic knowledge, attitude and skills of human caring necessary for nursing practice. Furthermore, nurses are required to have accountability to solve nursing problems, and always be able to practice creative problem-solving activities.


Ravishankar Institute of Nursing dwells in a separate storied building exclusively for nursing education provides conducive teaching – learning environment. The lecture halls are equipped with black and white boards, overhead projector and LCD projectors.

College Working Hours

The college functions between 9:30am-4:30pm on all working days.


The college of nursing library is situated on the ground floor of the educational building. It is open from 8.30am to 4:30 pm on all weekdays. It provides a conducive learning environment. Exclusive rooms like reference room, journal rooms and virtual library are present. The latest edition of books, journals of national and international publication is concurrently updated.

Course Description

The duration of the course shall be 4 years including internship. The course commences from every November of the academic year. University examinations are conducted during the month of October of each year (non semester pattern). Medium of instruction is English for all the subjects of study and for the examinations. Ravishankar institute of Nursing provides rich clinical experience in Sankalp Hospitals, different tie up hospitals, and rural & urban health posts.


Staff focuses on achieving the set objectives. Teachers give continuous support to the students in the classroom, laboratories as well as in the clinical areas to give patient care. Extended academic support is given by classroom discussion, group discussion, clinical teaching, and case studies, nursing care studies, sessional examination and model examination. The faculty also undergoes regular training and quality improvement programmes to update themselves with the latest trends in the field.


college possess very good laboratories for fundamental nursing, community health nursing, maternity nursing, anatomy and physiology, medical surgical nursing lab for advanced procedures, pathology and microbiology, nutrition nursing in the ground floor and first floor. The laboratories are completely equipped with items required for practical as per syllabus. All the laboratories are constructed with keeping in mind their compatibility as each laboratory are equipped with fresh air inlet and adequate space to accommodate more than 40 students during practical hours.

Remedial classes

Remedial classes are conducted for weak students after the terminal examination based on their performance in the terminal examination after college hours. Special classes are also conducted to motivate the bright students.

Computer Training and Web Access

The institution has kept its target of providing 1:1 computer to the student during their computer exercises as additional input to the students to cope up with the challenges of future. Apart from formal course work requirements in prescribe work hours. The institute is desirable to provide necessary advance computer Knowledge, training time slots beyond the institute working hour.

Reprographic Facilities

College campus has I.S.D & S.T.D, Xeroxing, Fax, E-mail & internet facilities for students. The students can use these facilities round the clock.

Transport Facilities

The college has its own transport facility for taking students to clinical areas, picnic, shopping and hospitals etc. It runs on no profit no loss basis.